Fine Art Photography

Welcome to Rolf Hicker's Fine Art Photography website, showing some of Rolf's best nature and animal pictures

On this site we show you a selection of Rolf Hicker's fine art photography. All images you see are at least photographed with 16 Million Pixels or with a medium or large format camera. Most art pictures are scanned from 6x7cm, 6x12cm, 6x17cm or 4x5 inch slides.

For a photographer the most difficult task is to select the "best images". Our biggest motivation to start was to have a way to show the images which are considered to be fine art away from our main stock photography website.

While we need to show a lot of different angles, different light and different situations for stock photography, we can show our personal favourites here on this fine art photography site.

It will takes a while till we have separated all the images for this site from our archive, so please bookmark this site and come back soon and see some of our new nature, wildlife and travel art photos.

New fine art photography

Quebec City At Dusk In Winter picture   Quebec City At Dusk In Winter

Photographed during the winter carnival in Quebec City at dusk on a cold winter evening.
It was a very cold day at the winter carnival in February. I was shooting all day for a travel...
      Northern Lights Tombstone Mountain picture   Northern Lights Tombstone Mountain

Picture of dancing northern lights (Aurora borealis) above snow capped mountains in the Yukon, Canada.
It was a cold one.... almost as always when we photograph the northern lights, scientifically known...
      Humpback Whale Tail Sunset picture   Humpback Whale Tail Sunset

A Humpback Whale dives during sunset off the Newfoundland - Labrador coast.
It is not a secret - I love to photograph whales. Every-time it is a challenge, no matter if we are...
      Niagara Falls Sunset Ontario Canada picture   Niagara Falls Sunset Ontario Canada

Long exposure pictures of the Niagara Falls dropping over the edge in southern Ontario, Canada
Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls
      Brown Bears Fishing Katmai National Park picture   Brown Bears Fishing Katmai National Park

The Brown Bears fishing in Katmai National Park in Alaska was and is published many times.
It always will be a classic...
      Canoe On Kluane Lake Yukon picture   Canoe On Kluane Lake Yukon

The "famous" yellow canoe on Kluane Lake in the Yukon - it is the cover of my german coffeetable book "Kanada".
What would be a Lake picture in the Yukon without a canoe? I prefer to plan major shots in advance....
      Alaska Northern Lights With Igloo picture   Alaska Northern Lights With Igloo

Still a classic - an Igloo in northern Alaska with Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) dancing above.
Probably one of my most successful shots. I planned the shot of the Igloo with the Northern Lights...
      Sunset On Kaikoura Peninsula New Zealand picture   Sunset On Kaikoura Peninsula New Zealand

Long exposure sunset picture on the Kaikoura Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand.
I took this shot after a not so sunny day - not to metioned that it rained almost all day. When it...

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